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Gunpowder Chili with Sour Cream, Salsa, Guacamole, Taco Farm Chips Kit (GF)

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This isn’t your average chili, this is FS’s Gunpowder Chili! What’s the difference? Well as the name suggests it’s packed and fully loaded with flavour. We start with a special blend of spices created with 7 chef-selected chili peppers and a handful of aromatic spices used in abundance to create a flavour profile that leaves your palate dancing with joy. While at first taste and even the first smell your brain will prepare for some extreme heat, this is more about flavour and our recipe delivers just that. The heat registers at an even keeled 4/10 while the flavours of the toasted chilis and spices lands at a Spinal Tap approved 11/10!

Skill Level: Apprentice – Cooking Time: 50 min