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Finest Sausage Ltd. Mild Landjäger

Landjäger is pork-based, smoked meat snack. Landjäger looks a lot like a beef stick but be sure that it is not. It is lighter in colour than your traditional beef stick and has a distinct rectangular shape. This Finest Sausage and Meat signature product is created and wood-smoked in pairs and dried to give it a very special flavour. Our Landjäger is created using a blend of fine black pepper, whole mustard seeds and a touch of garlic for that creates a perfect flavour combination.

This smoke pork product is great for camping, as a snack or school or even cut into small portions and served on a deli tray. Landjäger’s smoky flavour goes well with a cold drink while camping, while watching the game or an after school snack.


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