Who are we?

Fat Sparrow is a carefully curated group of restaurants, food shops and everything in between. We are the Stone Crock Bakery, Meats & Cheese, Jacob's Grill, Taco Farm, Fat Sparrow at Killbear, Fat Sparrow Events and Fat Sparrow online Marketplace.

We take cooking from scratch to heart and have gone to great lengths to ensure we stay true to our core. The proof is in the diversity of our outlets, our food philosophy and the products and service we deliver!

Chef Nick’s hands-on approach is transcended by his team of butchers, bakers and chefs who, together, have created a culinary program founded on using local ingredients to handcraft memorable meals. It’s that simple!

Our connection to the land around us keeps us deeply rooted in our community and that’s something we never take for granted, always giving back when we can.

What’s in a name?

For us, a lot! Ask Chef Nick,  you won't be disappointed. He could talk about Edna’s unique writing style and schnippled beans or liverwurst all afternoon. Edna Staebler was a local cookbook author and personal hero of more than one Fat Sparrow employee. Her book "Food That Really Schmecks" is forever ingrained in the minds and hearts of plenty of local chefs, likely none more than Nick.

Edna’s recipes are for food lovers and confident cooks. The term “slow food” may never ring truer than when describing Edna’s cuisine. Sensible, seasonal and genuine, food truly made from the heart, a cooking style that would very much shape Nick's approach to food. While we may stray from Waterloo Region classics, we stay true to the foundations of Edna’s teachings and we are better for it. The name Fat Sparrow is translated from a recipe for drop donuts, in German called "Fetschpatze", named for the bird-like shape they take upon hitting the hot oil. Edna claims to have once eaten 9, we are confident Chef Nick would easily double that number dunking in amber maple syrup all the way!


Nick, Nat and the whole Fat Sparrow Team.